This text describes the possibilities of becoming our partner. On our distribution page you can search our existing partners providing our services.

Nodegard is currently offering two types of partnerships:

  • "Distributional partnership" and
  • "Cooperation partnership"

Choose one or even both but don't hesitate to become part of the team.

Distributional partnership

The concept of this partnership is to offer more services for customers, in cooperation with our distribution partners. Nodegard focusses on the technical aspects only and provides the support for business to business. Transparency is a major factor, in order to be able to provide a good service. Our end user agreement helps us and our distribution partners to protect us from a white label selling of our products.

You support your customers and we support you.
Your part in this relationship is to help your customers to choose from our services and products and to configure them. By combining our services we will be able to create and maintain successful websites and help you reach your full potential.

We will help you to discover the benefits of our products and even provide you with marketing concepts.

Let us create a powerful partnership and contact us.

Cooperation partnership for development and support

Nodegard provides services that need attention 24/7 and require a lot of skills. We are looking for cooperation partners that can help us maintain this high standard of work. Since we understand the needs of freelancers, Nodegard provides oppurtunities that meet these requirements.
Cooperation with experts that offer different technologies and skills supports us in realising more complex projects. Companies as cooperation partners are also possible, if they have the same focus on open source and quality of work.

Feel free to contact us if you are able to offer help especially with Drupal on any level or other web technologies we are working with like ApacheSolr, CSS3, HTML5 etc.

Possible cooperation fields:

  • supporting web applications
  • mobile consulting
  • upgrading Drupal from version 6 to 7 or 8
  • writing new templates and modules
  • creating complete new web applications
  • ..