C. Logemann
Jakobs. Holger presenting on FrOSCon

Last weekend I was on FrOSCon the Free and Open Source (FOSS) Conference at the Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Science.

Since 2008 I visited this conference several times to meet FOSS communities. My first visit was motivated by a special Drupal track on FrOSCon and my first face-to-face contact to the Drupal community. Beside Drupal the FrOSCon is still important for me. There are many Open Source Communities without an own conference. And even if a community has it's own conference, the FrOSCon is a good place to get in touch.

My plan was to visit the CMS garden booth. Beside other CMS Communities I hoped to meet some Drupal people there. But this year there was no “gardener” from the Drupal community. There was only one single Drupal volunteer planned and he needed to revoke this job. Obviously there is currently not enough support for CMS garden to organize a booth on this important conference. I decided to visit the CMS Garden booth more often as I planned to answer upcoming Drupal related questions. But I will try to improve this situation with motivating Drupal people to help. The benefit of my “gardening” was a good discussion with a Joomla! expert and I learned about community security processes for this CMS.

Beyond concrete CMS technologies I visited some sessions about database technologies. I learned interesting things about galera cluster technology. And I learned something new about SQL queries in the session “Komplexe Abfragen mit aktuellem SQL” by our co-operation partner Holger Jakobs. Holger personally focuses on PostgreSQL and the presentation was also based on this database. I really hope the shown SQL commands are already implemented in MySQL or MariaDB, the two SQL databases I need to work with in most projects.