Carsten Logemann is talking about "Managed Hosting" at #wcfra

Last weekend there was a WordCamp in Frankfurt (#wcfra, see last blog post: "Supporting the upcoming WordCamp Frankfurt 2016"). Some months ago the #WCFRA-organizers asked me to propose a session about "hosting" in common. Because I introduced myself to the Drupal community in 2009 on my first DrupalCamp also as a speaker I thought it would be nice to repeat this on my first WordCamp.

"hosting" is a huge theme so I decided to propose two sessions. One about "Ansible and server configuration" on experienced level and one about "managed hosting" on beginner level. They picked the second one with a complete (translated) title: "Managed Hosting: Compromises in security, flexibility, performance, and availability".

This talk was held in german language and the original slides are german (PDF, 186kb). There is also an english translation of the slides (PDF, 185kb). In next days the video of this session will be published on and then I will update this post (link to video).

Short description of the talk

This session is an overview about the basics I think somebody should know as a customer of such services. I am a customer of managed hosting service since about 20 years. Since about 10 years I am organizing my own server resources more and more. So this session is not only for WordPress users. It's also interesting for administrators of Drupal and other CMS technologies.
I finish this talk with the suggestion to not organize security of a web application like WordPress or Drupal if someone has not the know how or the time to react as needed. So I suggest to think about choosing "Managed WordPress" (or "Managed other CMS"). This can be a hosting feature or in a more flexible way a combination of managed hosting and individual security services provided by administration experts.

Note: My T-Shirt at this talk was one from the "Free Software Foundation Europe" with their slogan „There is no cloud, just other people's computers“. You can buy this shirt and other things at FSFE online shop to support this organization.