CMS-Watch is a service helping you to keep your CMS running smoothly. Our focus is on helping you to minimize the existing risks in the running of web applications.

If you need more functionality than  CMstaticS is able to provide, we would like to use CMS-Watch to provide the maintenance and monitoring of your web application.

The risks of a dynamic CMS, which is attackable anytime

Mostly, the function of a dynamic CMS – the so called web application – is to be available all day for interaction with users and other systems. If it is not shielded, e.g. by our CMstaticS your CMS is always attackable.

Hacker aren’t necessarily personally interested in your CMS, but they are mostly anxious to get access to server resources. This is e.g. webspace for malware or the possibility for sending SPAM. If they succeed, it could have great impact, for example your ranking on the Google index, your IP address may be added to the AntiSPAM black lists or your potential customers can find disturbing contents on your domain.

Unfortunately, security holes are generally being exploited immediately on a large scale after their publication. Therefore, immediate action is necessary, which can be provided by CMS-Watch.

We keep watch for you on the tower

For the professional maintenance of a CMS, you need a profound knowledge of the appropriate underlying web application. We know Drupal very well, and for other CMS we work on extending our CMS-Watch service by setting up co-operations. After the integration of WordPress in CMstaticS, this system is also planned for CMS-Watch. If you urgently need WordPress support, please contact us and we convey you to the right partner.

Furthermore, security is as well an important question of paying attention and being on alert, so that you can act fast. Even if your staff has the knowledge of secure configuration and knows to update your CMS, our service can possibly disburden your IT department massively. This appliess particularly to security alerts. We react within  few hours – even at night.

CMS-Watch includes active monitoring of your CMS. It will be monitored regarding security advices, but also regarding various indications for the correct running of your CMS (e.g. cron run). If an error occurs, it will be repaired according to the booked serviceplan or we will get in touch with you in order to talk about the next steps.

How can I get CMS-Watch?

  • We control the technology of CMS as well as the technology of running it in a secure way. For everything else we have co-operation partners for providing you the best possible service.
  • For the distribution of our services we have as well reliable co-operation partners, who understand your project and lead it to success using our technology.
  • You can benefit from the additional services, which are offered by our co-operation partners.

Let’s start

If your CMS has already been developed by us or our partners, you don’t need further check-ups. Our distribution partner can provide you with an offer for CMS-Watch service.

If you run a different CMS, we have to analyze it first. This is organized with our CMS-Platform. Your distribution partner will give you a feedback about the results of our analysis.

Normally, we practice the CMS-Watch on our own CMS platform. To take care of your CMS in another hosting environment would be a kind of “CMS-Watch light” for us. It would be need more effort from our side, which would have an impact on the price and the contents of the contract. If you are still interested, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Find your distribution partner.