During the development of CMS and other web applications we always try first to combine existing solution components in a creative way in order to meet our customer’s requirements. In doing so we work transparently and agile together with our customers to reach our goals.

The technical focus of Nodegard GmbH is the CMS and Content Management Framework Drupal. With our co-operation partners we can as well develop and enhance other systems like WordPress based CMS.

Our teams can be formed dynamically according to your needs with experts of our co-operation-network.

The Software Forge

When developing web applications programming is not our first priority. To your favor we even try to avoid this.

In the technical conception we try to develop strategies how to achieve already a lot with existing standard modules by following your requirements and your budget. The “Site Building” belongs to the development process of your CMS, where the configuration of the standard components is done. When we reach limits, we first try to enhance standard modules as necessary before we start working on completely new components. Overall, we always keep in mind the later maintenance and enhancements of your CMS. The consequent compliance with coding standards and their review  help a lot.

We like to take care of the maintenance of your CMS using our CMS-Watch or CMstaticS. Our development know-how helps us to leverage these two services, because we can also fix code issues if needed.

Benefit from Open Source and their Communities

We make a big point of applying Open Source products and of taking part in their improvement. We try to share the sustainable advantages of Open Source with our customers. By Using Open Source, our main goal isn't the avoidance of license fees, but the freedom to adapt and enhance the software, when the original software developer is no longer capable or willing to do it. When we develop software-components for our customers for example, we also try to involve the particular Open Source Community of the product it is based upon. You can find more information about the Nodegard GmbH’s self-conception as a part of the Open Source culture and our engagement in Open Source Communities on the page "about us".

Projects in the CMS-Forge

Irrespective of the project’s size, it is important for us that you can find at first a contact person  of our co-operation partners who understands you and your requirements. This co-operation partner can – depending on project type and requirements – resort to our co-operation partner network, which includes web developers, designers,writers and so on. The development support of smaller projects are usually carried out based on the consulting or the programming skills of a single freelancer.

Your contact person can use our CMS-Platform   for the development of your CMS as necessary and – if desired – offer the professional operation of your CMS with our services CMstaticS or CMS-Watch.

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