CMstaticS combines the security of static content with the flexibility of a CMS. Using CMstaticS the customer's CMS is shielded so that the CMS code is protected against hacker attacks.

CMstaticS is more than a simple Static HTML Site Generator, because the content can be altered anytime and it's possible to integrate dynamic components directly into the static HTML.

The Bridge between CMS and static HTML

After changes have occurred, the content of a CMS can easily be exported and published by CMstaticS.

In order to run your website in CMstaticS you don’t need to invest in a new template for your CMS. Likewise, most of the advantages offered by your CMS will persist. There are very few compromises you have to make.

With our special CMS, which is secured by CMS-Watch, we can provide you with dynamic components like contact forms for integration in your CMstaticS website.

The advantages of CMstaticS

  • Reduced costs since no safety maintenance like CMS-Watch is needed for your CMS.
  • High security, because the code is not attackable.
  • A cost efficient way for most presentation websites.
  • The content can be edited and published anytime.
  • Flexibility of layout provided by your CMS regarding the content and visual presentation remains untouched.
  • Your CMS also be converted in a dynamically running CMS, preferably protected by CMS-Watch. Of course we have to check whether updates and upgrade-opportunities for the CMS used are still available.
  • The CMS WordPress and Drupal are already supported. We are likely to find solutions for other systems as well – please contact us.

How can I get CMstaticS?

  • We control the technology of CMS as well as the technology of running it in a secure way. For everything else we have co-operation partners for providing you the best possible service.
  • For the distribution of our services we have as well reliable co-operation partners, who understand your project and lead it to success using our technology.
  • You benefit from the additional services offered by our co-operation partners.

Let’s start

If your CMS is already developed for CMstaticS by us or our partners, you don’t need further examination or adaption. So, the running of CMstaticS and your CMS can begin immediately.

If you have a different CMS, we shall examine the suitability of it. This will occur via our CMS-Platform, which will be later as well the basis of your CMstaticS running. Possible and needed adaptions of the CMS can also be implemented by our CMS-Forge.

Find your distribution partner.