Our service CMS Platform was started as tool to configure servers. But meanwhile it's also a tooling box which can partially be used on servers managed by other providers to fit our customers needs. The platform is the basis for the operation of our services CMS-Watch and CMstaticS and follows our requirements for security, stability, performance and efficiency.
The CMS Platform is used as well for testing and developing CMS for example for the service CMS-Forge. It is also optimized for support of Drupal and WordPress including Commandline Tools Drush and wp-cli.

The tent pitch of CMS

We have been serving the operation of CMS in “Managed Hosting” environments of various providers as well as by servers we have configured ourselves for years. With the background of this experience we have developed these concepts, which are integrated into the CMS-Platform.

We use Ansible to control a flexible server configuration down to the lowest level. Thereby, we can put our own security-concepts into practice and consider the special requirements of the supported CMS. With Ansible we even have the opportunity to expand the server-scripts as necessary for individual project-requirements. Nevertheless we can keep the efficient and cost-saving framework of the CMS-Platform.

Transparency of technical infrastructure

We use server resources maintained by experts for our CMS-Platform. We have selected our service provider diligently, especially regarding professionality, security, data protection, and variety in price. We always work transparently, so that you know where your system is running and can be certain to be in good hands.

Data protection is very important for us and therefore we make sure that your private data only will be hosted by companies which are liable to the German data protection legislation. By default we make sure that all services, which may contain sensitive data are processed and stored (e.g. backups), on server resources within Germany. Exceptions are always executed only with the explicit permission of the respective customers.

The Basis for CMstaticS, CMS-Watch and CMS-Forge

Normally, you can benefit from the CMS-Platform by making use of our other services. But irrespective of that, our co-operation partners and customers can test for free e.g. with the CMS-Platform the compatibility of a CMS or as well CMstaticS’s functions. You can get access via the Control Center.

In principle, we can install our CMS-Platform everywhere, where we can find suitable server resources. This may affect the respective contracts, making some processes less efficient and is therefore not necessarily cost-saving. Please contact us, if you are interested in this.